04 September 2011

How to Dream Big

By Ann Quinn

There is not any magical formula to believing in your dreams and becoming Amazing.

It means hard work and knowing and understanding you and what you've got to do to reach your goal. It is very similar to building a house. Before you start building, you've got to create the vision of what the house is going to be like, its structure and design, and that is exactly what we're going to get on with next.

Step 1: Dream Time Create your Vision

Now it's time to fantasize!

What would you really like to gain? What are you wanting to win? Dream Gigantic! Ordinary is not something you want to aspire to! That is what you want to run away from. Discover the genuine you and be all you wish to be. What could you dare to fantasize? Follow your heart. Aim high. Great. Now go one step higher, use the following motivation techniques and be Incredible.

What you aim for really expands. What will you win? How will you play? What do you appear to be? Are you in good shape? What team are you playing for? Where are you living? How do you feel? There is not one single Olympic Gold Medalist who didn't begin with a dream. They also worked incredibly hard day in and day out for years and fully believed in themselves too.

Do not proceed any further in reading until you know your dream! If it is something within your clear reach, it isn't a dream. If you would not have to stretch beyond what you believe is possible, then it isn't a dream. If you could do anything, what would it be?

Firstly you've got to create it in your own mind. That is where it all begins. Winners know where they'd like to go in detail! And they never, ever, ever give up.

The great Walt Disney, the creator of Disneyland and Disney World, the pioneer of animated cartoon films, and the receiver of forty eight Academy Awards and 7 Emmys is a good example of a great dreamer and visionary. He had passed away by the time Disney World was officially opened and newshounds queried his son and claimed it must've been a sad day for Walt not being here for the launch of his dream.

His boy simply answered, Walt saw it. Thats why it is that you are seeing it today.

What are you seeing? The key is first to form your dream, believe in it with all your heart and have the bravery to pursue it. Then you can get into some enjoyable pastimes and make a vision board.

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