04 September 2011

How to Create a Vision Board

By Ann Quinn

Create your Vision Board or Picture

It is one thing to have an image of your dream in your mind, but now you're going to make it even more powerful and create it. There are many ways to do this and I will let you decide what works best for you. You could do any one of the following motivation techniques.

- Make a poster board to hang up on your wall.

- Make an A4 or A5 paper poster to put in your diary

- Create small cards for each goal to carry around in your wallet

- Make up an album of pho tos

- Create a power point slide show to watch on your computer

- Make a film to look at on your iphone, ipad or computer

Which Vision Board is Best?

I have tried many ways over time. Every year I used to do a poster board which I liked to gaze at everyday , but as I was always on the road travelling with my athletes, I did not get to see it too much. Many athletes I have worked with loved doing these and it became the center piece of artwork in their bedrooms. Others chose to hang them privately and would do so inside their bedroom cupboards, or behind the rest room door.

Wherever you place them doesn't matter, so long as you see it daily so as to strengthen your dreams.

I have also done A4 and A5 posters too and had them laminated and I would take them with me wherever I went. If you like the concept of an enormous poster for home, and the fun of creating it, you can always create that and then take a photo of it and make it into a smaller size to carry around with you. You might even go one step further and make the photograph your screen saver too!

Add your favourite, inspirational song and you are well on the way to creating your dream.

I'll be talking about goals in a minute. Everyone does goals. They write them up, and some even carry them around with them. It's no use just reading them. They must be felt and seen and imagined vividly so to work at a deeper subconscious level and here is where the vision board can help significantly. Goals are very good but by themselves are not enough.

You need to feel your goals, and bring them to life.

Have fun now gathering pictures and images of what you need to become. Dont just limit yourself to your sporting life. Add in family, friends, health, fitness, nutrition, career, finance, spiritual, environment, and personal development pictures too. Find old mags you can cut up. Otherwise you can always download photographs from the Net or from Google Images. They are so straightforward to find, so no excuses! Put some music on and have a good time collecting your favorite photos. You might also like to use some stills you have taken too.

Tips for Collecting Photographs

Lets return to the example of building your perfect home.

When searching for a picture, it will not just be any picture of a house. This is going to be your waking dream. As fast as you see it, you may know it is ideal for you. Feel it. Get excited about it. Imagine yourself living there. Visualize how your life will be. Do not forget to be realistic though. It's no use putting a picture of a $20 million dollar home if that isn't practical. A place like that is not a goal it is a potentially misleading fantasy and only sets you up for failure.

Begin by choosing photographs that might be a stretch for you and continue to update as you progress toward that $20 million home! The same guidelines apply to your sporting dreams. It could be totally unrealistic to shoot at winning the World Championships if you cannot even make the finals in your National Championships right now.

Make sure your goals are realistically viable.

Find excellent quality photos that:

- Are a real challenge

- Are of something you really want

- Excite you

- Provoke you

And make up a poster or display of all you would like to be.

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