06 May 2011

Microworkers - Work and earn or offer a micro job

Microworkers is a service of Weblabcenter, Inc.
Our advertiser solutions help you reach your customers across the world, and help you generate natural - organic web traffic. Our publisher solutions help you generate income as a result of your website popularity or actions performed by your website visitors.
Weblabcenter has offices in Dallas, TX.

Weblabcenter, Inc.
17311 Dallas Pwky, Ste 100
TX 75248
United States

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150Cents is a combo of matrix and PTC

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This is a short documentation that will guide you through all rules of the 150Cents project.

What is 150Cents?
150Cents is a combo of matrix and PTC, strongly connected with each other.
Matrix is a system where you build a downline and earn money from all people under you. Money comes from a commission paid to get into the matrix. Matrix is not a Finance Pyramid (Ponzi). Ponzi is when you are promised to get a high interest rate on your investment - a lot more compared to what you get in banks. However Pyramids don't do anything with your money, they just wait for new investments, and use them to pay older members. All Pyramids collapse at some point. 150Cents will never collapse, because here we don't pay money for nothing. You have to work in order to get a big downline and earn money.
PTC originally stood for "paid to click", however today most of PTCs are essentially "paid to invest", because clicking (viewing advertisements) is not the main part of those sites. Investing is. We are different. Our great truly unbeatable prices result in a lot of real advertisements bought by real advertisers, which, in turn, means that you can earn more.
Like it was mentioned before, PTC and matrix are embedded into each other. In the beginning, money you earn from viewing ads goes to your matrix balance, so that you can build your matrix faster. When you reach maximum 5th level, all earnings from ads can be withdrawn via AlertPay & Liberty Reserve.
How does it work?
After registration you pay $1.5 for the first level. This money is split up between your referrers: everyone gets $0.30. After that you can start referring other members. You will also earn $0.30 from all your direct and indirect referrals. And even more - you earn $0.30 for every level-up your referrals pay for, not just for the 1st level upgrade.
Level is a very important thing to understand. The higher is your level, the "deeper" are your earnings. For instance, if you're on the 1st level, you will earn money only from those who sign up under you, because they are your 1st level referrals. If you upgrade to the 3rd level, you will earn money from your direct referrals, direct referrals' referrals, and direct referrals' referrals' referrals. Sounds much better, right? The key point of 150Cents is that unlike all other matrices, the levels are not forced. It means that you can upgrade to the highest 5th level on your first day.
There are 5 levels, and it costs money to upgrade to them since the matrix is not forced. "Not forced" means that you don't need to get a certain amount of referrals in order to move to the next level. You just need to get enough funds to upgrade. The prices are
  • 1st level: $1.5
  • 2nd level: $1.5
  • 3rd level: $3
  • 4th level: $6
  • 5th level: $12
I want to see a live example
Although there's not many rules here, this information might be confusing for new comers, so we will show an example of earnings using an not existing account Mike
After signing up under John, Mike is on 0th level. He deposits $1.5 via AlertPay and upgrades to the 1st level. $0.30 automatically goes to John, another $0.30 goes to John's referrer and so on.
Now Mike starts to refer other people to start earning. He refers 10 of his friends who upgraded to the 1st level and earns $3. One of his friends already referred another guy, but Mike doesn't earn anything from that because he's on the 1st level and decides to upgrade to the highest level the same day to reach maximum profit.
After a few days Mike's downline grows rapidly, because his 25 direct referrals referred another 127 referrals, and those 127 referrals referred another 319 referrals and so on. You can see the result:

3rd level John
5th level Mike
The total amount of referrals that Mike has is 2,093, so his earnings are 2,093 * $0.30 = $630. He earned it only by referring 25 referrals.
This is just an example and is made to explain how everything works here. Please note that we are in beta, there will be a lot more cool features after official launch on November 25th, 2010.
How much can I earn
by viewing ads?
At the moment, we pay you $0.003 for every ad viewed. With an average of 10 ads per day that's $0.03 (3 cents). Compared to what today's PTCs can offer. In other words, not much.
However, as we grow, we will offer more advertisements and packages. With 20 advertisements per day at $0.005 each, that's $0.10 a day.
But this is not the main benefit of our PTC. You will actually earn money from all clicks your referrals do. And it doesn't only include direct referrals like in all other PTCs. You will get commission from all referrals in your matrix. So, if you are on 5th level, and have 500 direct and indirect referrals clicking 10 ads every day, you earn: $0.0005 * 500 * 10 = $2.50 every day. The bigger is your matrix, the more money you earn.
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