04 September 2011

Why A Black Quilt Should Be Your Next Project

By Jane Green

Black is not a typical colour when it comes to quilts and I can understand why. It's a rather morbid colour and frequently darkens the mood or tone of a room. While this can be the case, it does not always have to be this way. If you take the right steps, a black quilt may be the centrepiece of the room and add a new twist or flavour to an otherwise plain room.

To make a good black quilt every time , these are some of the dos and donts:

Mix the Blacks with other colors!

One of the explanations a lot of black themed quilts appear morbid and dark is that the quilts are sometimes plain black or black mingled with a touch lesser black. If you do this, you can expect your quilt to turn out morbid each time. Adding colors to a black base design will contrast significantly and truly bring out the colours for a quilt that really stands out. Whites and bright to mid colours always have a stunning effect and will really draw the eye. If you're not looking at making the quilt the center-piece, use more muted, darker colors for a more refined effect.

Patterns, Patterns, Patterns!

When Im making a quilt with a black theme, I've got a hard time NOT using a pattern, and I'll tell you exactly why. Patterns just look so darn good when mixed with black. When you use a pattern that's got a contrasting colour the effect is just superb. My favourite design is a black and white vine and plant pattern. It brings a stunning japanese-like feel to the room which really makes me feel at peace.

Im a Material Girl!

The material you use is also important. Unless you are making a quilt for a bachelor or to bring a bit of allure to the boudoir it is wise to avoid hairy textured materials like velour or suede. Besides the feel and effect, these can finish up being quite heavy too. It is always good to choose cotton or a similar material to make sure your quilts will be received the way in which they were intended.

Im hoping that you are convinced that a black quilt is the way to go. If not, I understand, they arent for everybody , but for the ones that do, you'll get a new world of creativity and ideas just waiting to be freed!

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